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April 2012 Archives

Money laundering, fraud charges for California surrogacy scheme

Federal law enforcement officials have zeroed in on one California woman for her supposed role in a $2 million white collar crime scheme. The woman operated a surrogacy agency that served people in California and around the world. According to federal investigators, the woman deceived clients by steering them toward using an escrow and financial firm that she owned and operated.

People crossing into California tricked into trafficking drugs

A lot of news has been dedicated to influence of Mexican cartels in the states along the United States' southern border. While federal authorities are putting a tremendous amount of resources into catching those bringing drugs across the international border into California, other unsuspecting people have been hoodwinked into violating drug trafficking laws on behalf of the cartels.

California owl researchers face federal embezzlement charges

The federal government disburses funds to support projects throughout the country that are designed to improve the quality of life for all citizens. Federal dollars are entrusted to the individuals who receive them for good reason.

Man faces charges for bringing firearms to Sacramento Airport

A recent incident at the Sacramento International Airport caused quite a stir. According to reports from federal law enforcement officials, a 45-year-old man was suspected of trying to bring four loaded firearms, ammunition and knives through a security checkpoint. Now, the man is being charged with at least four different federal firearms offenses. The man's family has indicated that he has struggled with severe depression for several years.

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