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October 2013 Archives

Weapons charges dropped due to mistakes with warrant

It may seem unlikely but it is possible to build a successful defense against a weapons charge. It may be prudent for anyone accused of state or federal firearms offenses to hire a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney. Depending on the nature of the weapons offense a skillful attorney will be able to protect a client's second amendment rights, identify procedural errors, challenge the introduction of evidence and proffer defenses.

Southern California bank manager implicated in bank robbery

Whether an individual is accused of a regulatory offense or some other federal offense, those who are accused of federal crimes can count on a tough, uphill battle. Fortunately, in the United States a criminal charge is not a conviction. Nevertheless, prosecutors do not bring cases to court unless they intend to convict. That is why it is so vital that individuals charged with federal crimes consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Four men arrested in California drug trafficking operation

Individuals accused of state or federal drug trafficking charges face a long, uphill battle and stiff penalties. Furthermore, both state and federal law enforcement agencies aggressively target drug crimes. And, while penalties for drug trafficking charges can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the quantity and type of substance involved, individuals convicted of drug trafficking charges generally face long sentences.

Multiple arrests made in large-scale federal crime scheme

Federal law enforcement authorities take tax evasion and fraud very seriously. Individuals found guilty of federal tax crimes, such as willfully evading taxes or defrauding the government of tax revenue, can face harsh consequences. Because of the serious consequences of a conviction, it is vital that individuals facing a federal case for tax crimes consult with an experienced federal criminal defense attorney immediately.

Anaheim man accused of drug trafficking to North Carolina

Drug trafficking is a major crime that the feds take very seriously. Individuals arrested or accused of drug trafficking can face serious, long-term consequences. From long jail terms and probation to financial fines and the seizure of assets, a conviction on federal drug trafficking charges can be devastating. Rather than gambling on leniency from prosecutors or the court, individuals accused of such crimes should consider getting help from an experienced attorney.

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