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California attorney facing child pornography charges

| Oct 9, 2014 | Federal Crimes |

A California attorney is in hot water after being accused of possessing and distributing child pornography. According to authorities, the deputy Los Angeles city attorney had been under investigation since November of 2013, and a search warrant executed in early September resulted in the seizure of several computers and other digital evidence. It is also alleged that signs of child exploitation were found in the home. The accused now faces two felony charges, which could land him in prison for up to more than five years. He is currently on administrative leave.

Sex crimes involving children, including online child pornography, are aggressively prosecuted in California. Prosecutors will do everything in their power to put an accused individual behind bars. In many instances, these offenses are treated as federal crimes, in which case the penalties can be even more severe. Such penalties could include a long prison term, a ruined reputation, and registration on the National Sex Offender Registry.

Therefore, it is imperative that those who are facing federal crimes like this put forth an aggressive, diligent criminal defense. An experienced California attorney may be able to help. In a child pornography context, an attorney may challenge the prosecution’s case by questioning whether or not the material was actually possessed by the defendant. In an era of technology, an individual’s network may be improperly used by another, giving off the appearance of guilt. An attorney will know how to approach such an issue in a way that supports the defendant’s best interests.

A strong criminal defense begins at the moment an individual learns that he or she is under investigation. Therefore, when one learns that he or she is under suspicion, it may be best for him or her to speak to a legal professional about his or her legal rights.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, “Deputy L.A. city attorney pleads not guilty to child porn charges,” Veronica Rocha, Sept. 25, 2014