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Can I get in trouble for allegedly importing stolen goods?

You might, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case and the quality of your criminal defense. According to federal law, if you receive, store, sell, or dispose of any goods, merchandise, securities, or money over $5,000 in value, those items have been stolen, and they have crossed a state line or a U.S. boundary, then you might be charged with a federal crime. Additionally, if you accept or promise to hold stolen goods to secure a loan, the value of the stolen goods is $500 or greater, and the goods crosses a state or United States boundary, then you could face federal criminal accusations.

The penalties for violating this statute can be severe. If convicted, you could be subjected to a massive fine and up to 10 years in prison. These penalties can have immediate and long-term consequences. In addition to stripping you of your freedom and perhaps a significant portion of your finances, a federal conviction could ruin your reputation and make it extremely difficult for you to find work, living arrangements, and an education.

Therefore, if you are facing federal crimes allegations, then you may want to learn more about the charges you face and how you could possibly confront them. One way to do this is to speak with a criminal defense attorney who has experience and has had success dealing with similar cases. He or she can help inform you so that you make choices in your best interests, and he or she may also be able to help guide you through the system with a strong legal strategy.

In the end, criminal charges are frightening, stressful, and, many times, overwhelming for criminal defendants. The stakes are high, the prosecution aggressive, and the law unforgiving. Thus, you should consider all of your options and take decisive action on what you think is best for you.

Source: Legal Information Institute, "18 U.S. Cod ยง2315," accessed on Feb. 8, 2015

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