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July 2015 Archives

What are the limitations on a search warrant?

When prosecutors seek to charge an individual with a crime, whether for murder, burglary, or drug trafficking, they must base their allegations on some sort of evidence. Evidence is the foundation of a criminal case, and is often the pivotal information that could cause an individual to be slapped with harsh penalties like prison and harsh fines. Therefore, it is important for those under investigation and those facing criminal charges to understand evidence, how it can be collected, and when it may be inadmissible against them.

Even the penalties for small federal offenses can be devastating

Oftentimes when we talk about federal crimes, we discuss offenses that carry severe penalties that may include decades behind bars and tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Though many federal crimes fall into this category, there are many others that are relatively minor. Yet, those accused of these seemingly lesser crimes should still zealously defend themselves against the charges, as failing to do so could still have a significantly negative impact on his or her life.

Three California men face healthcare fraud allegations

Several weeks ago we discussed fraud as it relates to medical care and just how damaging it can be to an accused individual's life. Now, three California men are facing this type of fraud allegation, which could land them in legal hot water if not handled correctly. Therefore, these men need a competent legal defense that will fight for their rights, freedom and their ability to avoid penalties.

When can I be accused of a counterfeiting crime?

At times, it really does seem like money makes the world go 'round. Those who have plenty of it often live a life of luxury, while those who struggle to find work, are hit with an unexpected illness, or who care for a large family are often left feeling cheated and broken. The idea of money itself can seem a little odd. It is, after all, paper. Because of this, some people, regardless of their financial background, attempt to create counterfeit money. This, however, is against the law, and Californians like you should know what could happen to them if they face such allegations.

We stand by those accused of Internet crimes

As readers of this blog are well aware, last week we discussed advanced fee schemes, including how they are carried out and how they can spell trouble for those accused of carrying them out. The Internet has changed our world, and the law is trying to keep up. This means that many times individuals either find themselves accused of something they had no idea was a crime, or they are accused of committing a crime when they are innocent. In either case, you might find it comforting to obtain the assistance of a defense attorney skilled at handling federal cases.

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