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Can Californians get a gun with a domestic violence conviction?

| Oct 2, 2015 | Weapons Crimes |

Federal laws are oftentimes excessively complicated. This means that Californians could be committing a crime without even knowing it. Yet, ignorance is no defense. It is critical that you understand the laws as best as you can and seek help when needed. This might be especially true if you suddenly find yourself facing a weapons offense allegation.

So, can you be prohibited from possessing a gun if you have been convicted of another crime? Absolutely.

Some crimes, including those that involve a weapon, may seem like they would obviously result in the government trying to prevent the future possession of a prohibited weapon. Sometimes though, seemingly minor offenses, in comparison, can lead to similar outcomes.

For example, an individual who is subject to a protective order arising out of domestic violence can be prohibited from possessing a gun. The law was even changed after its enactment to reach those who have been convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence crime.

Federal gun crimes are aggressively prosecuted. Those who fail to present a competent criminal defense are less likely to win their case and face incarceration for a significant period of time. Therefore, if you are being accused of possessing a gun when you have a domestic violence history, you may want to fully consider your legal defense options.

An experienced California attorney, knowledgeable about federal law and skilled in the courtroom, may be able to help. By discussing the available defense options, you may be able to create a defense strategy that seeks to keep your bests interests safe. This means using the facts and the law to fight for your future and your freedom.

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