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Federal sexual crimes

| Dec 13, 2017 | Federal Crimes |

Through laws and legislation, states aim to protect members of the public from individuals who commit sex offenses. California residents should be aware of what qualifies as a sex offense.

Individuals who have been convicted of specific sex offenses are considered to be sex offenders. Sexual assault, lewd and lascivious acts, molestation of a child, infamous crimes against nature are just some examples of sex offenses.

State laws govern a majority of sexual conduct crimes, but there are also a number of sexual offenses that are within the jurisdiction of federal law. These offenses are detailed in the United States Code in Title 18.

There are federal sexual offenses that occur inside of federal prisons or in areas that are included in the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. Other federal statutes pertain to offenders who travel across state lines or international border to commit a sexual crime.

The selling or purchasing of children, transporting minors across state lines or outside the country intending to engage in illegal sexual conduct and specific behavior related to materials classified as child pornography are some examples of federal sexual offenses. The production of materials that portray minors sexually to bring into the United States and transporting individuals across state and international borders for prostitution are other types of federal sexual crimes.

Individuals who have been charged with committing federal crimes may require the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. The lawyer could work to ensure that a client’s rights were not violated during police investigations. If necessary, legal counsel can litigate to demonstrate a client’s innocence against federal charges related to sex crimes.