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What are the federal penalties for cocaine trafficking?

Federal penalties for a cocaine trafficking conviction are very serious. Their severity ultimately depends on two factors: 1) how much cocaine federal authorities convicted you of trafficking; and 2) how many times you have been convicted of drug offenses. Let's take a look at the various penalties associated with cocaine trafficking below.

California man accused of using the Internet to sell drugs

Technology has revolutionized our world. It has changed the way our economy functions, the way information is dispersed and how we entertain ourselves. But, it has also expanded the ways in which crimes can be committed. Though, many believe that the Internet is only used to commit fraud and identity theft, its utilization far exceeds that, which could spell trouble for California residents.

What to know when facing drug trafficking charges

Whether Californians want to believe it or not, the war on drugs is still being waged. Every day, individuals are slapped with federal drug trafficking charges that carry severe penalties. These penalties can strip an individual of his or her future and freedom. It can also devastate a family. Therefore, those who are facing federal drug crime allegations need to be prepared to fight for their lives. The first way to do this is to know what, exactly, they are facing.

Californian informants in the investigation of federal crimes

Federal investigators have a lot of tools at their disposal, especially as technology has evolved over the years. However, despite the technology at their disposal, many investigators and prosecutors rely on information provided by others. Often, law enforcement agents attempt to get those who are close to a suspect to provide the government with information that could lead to an arrest and prosecution. These individuals are known as criminal informants, and they are used throughout California.

Our firm challenges evidence in California drug trafficking cases

As was evidenced by the case that was discussed in last week's blog post, federal authorities are still aggressively pursuing Californians they believe are involved in drug trafficking and related offenses. The government typically spends months, sometimes, even years investigating individuals to gather evidence. This means that those who are accused of drug crimes are often up against relatively strong legal arguments and supporting evidence.

Former NFL player facing California federal drug charges

Most federal offenses carry significant penalties upon conviction. Amongst those offenses are those involving drugs. With the war on drugs seeming to rage on, federal prosecutors still take a hard line on those Californians they believe are breaking the law. This means that those who are accused of these crimes could be up against aggressive prosecutors and tough legal arguments. In these situations, it is critical to develop as strong of a California criminal defense as is possible under the circumstances. Failing to do so could lead to the imposition of tough penalties.

Federal witness tampering is taken very seriously

There are many pieces to a criminal case. There are procedural matters, physical evidence, and witness testimony that all must be addressed, and failing to do so properly could result in undesired consequences. However, when it comes to witnesses, a criminal defendant must be very careful, as certain actions towards those individuals could result in additional criminal charges that can carry significant penalties.

Armed with legal knowledge and skill, we fight for our clients

Our last blog post discussed how the government illegally tapped phones, which led to the arrests of many people. This is a serious matter, as illegally obtained evidence does not only affect the individuals in this particular case but many others throughout California as well. Some defendants facing federal drug charges may fail to realize that the law is full of rules. Not just ones that say individuals should not commit crimes, but also about how the criminal justice system must play out. Any violation of those rules could lead to a major turning point in a case for either the prosecution or the defense.

Illegal wiretaps may have led to hundreds of arrests

In order for federal prosecutors to obtain a criminal conviction, they must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. They may try to achieve this in a number of ways: calling witnesses, cross-examining the defense's witnesses, and introducing evidence. However, there are strict rules that apply to physical evidence and witness testimony, which are put in place to protect Americans from unfair treatment under the law. When those rules are broken, individuals can wind up facing criminal charges that they should not.

Federal drug charges levied against many in synthetic drug bust

When Californians hear about major drug busts, they may think of hard drugs like cocaine or heroin. While there are still plenty of arrests involving these drugs, law enforcement has expanded its focus to include lesser drugs, such as synthetic marijuana. Yet, the potential for penalties and long-term consequences are just as real. Therefore, those accused of criminal wrongdoing involving synthetic drugs may want to consider putting forth the best criminal defense they can.

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