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Taking legal marijuana out of the state could be a federal crime

There are still a lot of issues with California's legal marijuana law. From the delay in creating secondary regulations to an increase in illegal growers using questionable chemicals, legal marijuana has created many new issues.

Legal marijuana in California increases risk of federal charges

Since the legalization of adult recreational marijuana use in the state of California, there has been a lot of uncertainty about what is legal and what isn't. For many people, their interpretation of what they want to be able to do under the law is far more liberal than what the law allows.

"Doctor shopping" is being targeted by a new California law

Painkiller addiction is an issue which has boomed in the last decade in America. The rate of sales of prescription pain killers has grown four times from 1999 to 2010. Addiction follows in the path of pill sales. Overdose deaths from painkillers have also grown four times from 1999 to 2010. "Doctor shopping" is a problem which only enables this addition to painkillers.

California man forfeits $25 million in assets for drug trafficking

While there are both state and federal drug crime laws, drug trafficking is often punished particularly harshly under federal law. Sentencing for drug crimes can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors. The United States Sentencing Guidelines Commission establishes the sentencing guidelines for federal drug trafficking. Sentences for drug trafficking will vary, but penalties tend to be harsh.

California doctor investigated for federal drug crimes

When people think about drug crimes, they typically think about people selling illegal substances on street corners or transporting drugs across state lines. While this certainly makes up a good portion of the drug cases in the U.S., it is far from the full story.

New legislation may change state drug laws

In California, drug crimes come with harsh penalties. With a growing prison population and shrinking state budgets, however, some legislators are beginning to rethink the laws. In fact, one California state senator is proposing a law that will allow a prosecutor the discretion to charge certain drug crimes, such as possession, as a misdemeanor. This, however, will not affect certain other crimes like drug trafficking.

Priest arrested on federal drug trafficking charges

There have been a number of high-profile busts of drug trafficking organizations in recent months. Many of the alleged drug trafficking operations have originated in California with shipments of cocaine and marijuana traveling to the mid-west and beyond. In the most recent investigation multiple individuals from Connecticut and California were arrested in a methamphetamine drug trafficking operation that allegedly spanned the entire United States.

Midwest drug ring with connections to California busted

One important duty of a defense attorney is to help identify and secure the best possible venue for defendant's case to be heard. How the prosecutor ultimately charges a person depends upon the unique details of each case. As Sacramento readers may know, a person facing drug trafficking charges will likely face serious penalties. The difference between federal drug charges and state drug charges can have serious consequences.

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