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The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Over the last couple of decades, technology has become an increasingly important, and oftentimes necessary, part of our lives. Californians spend much of their working and leisure time on their phones, computers and smart gadgets, which connect everyone across the country and the world. However, with access to such a wide network of computers, individuals can find themselves being accused of going where they should not and wind up facing federal criminal charges.

Identity theft and the Internet

In many ways, today's life is easier than it was 20 years ago. In other ways, however, it can be much more complicated. This is the case when it comes to the Internet and electronic crimes. Offenses that can be committed over the Internet are numerous, and those who find themselves facing such allegations may be in quite a fight. Failing to adequately prepare a criminal defense could be have long-term consequences.

We handle California criminal trademark infringement

In last week's blog post, we discussed how selling fake items online can lead to criminal charges. This often occurs when a Californian, without authorization, places another's trademark on their products with the intention of reaping the benefits of that mark. For example, a California consumer may be more drawn to Nike than to an unknown brand of shoes. So, in the eyes of the law, using the Nike Swoosh logo on the unknown shoes is wrong.

Online trademark infringement and its California penalties

The Internet has become a marketplace that rivals the physical world. The number of online merchants and the variety of products available online is astounding. California retailers and those reselling goods can find themselves in a strong financial position by utilizing this market. But, they can also find themselves in hot legal water, particularly when allegations of selling fake products arise.

We stand by those accused of Internet crimes

As readers of this blog are well aware, last week we discussed advanced fee schemes, including how they are carried out and how they can spell trouble for those accused of carrying them out. The Internet has changed our world, and the law is trying to keep up. This means that many times individuals either find themselves accused of something they had no idea was a crime, or they are accused of committing a crime when they are innocent. In either case, you might find it comforting to obtain the assistance of a defense attorney skilled at handling federal cases.

What is an advanced fee scheme?

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business. Though this has been a major improvement for our economy, it has also caused many complications in several Californians' personal lives. Far too often, those trying to conduct business online find themselves facing criminal accusations. When allegations arise, the accused individual needs to fight back to avoid what could be life-altering penalties.

California man accused of distributing child pornography

The federal government and the state of California have zero tolerance for sex crimes, particularly those related to children. So when Californians are accused of committing sex offenses, they are up against an aggressive force that has lots of resources at its disposal. Therefore, these individuals cannot afford to forego a proper criminal defense or remain ignorant of the law. Instead, those who are facing criminal allegations should be proactive in their defense, fighting tooth and nail to protect their well-being and their legal rights.

Journalist's computer prank becomes computer crime

With an increase in high-profile computer crimes, prosecutors, police and politicians in California and nationwide are beginning to take computer crimes much more seriously. Currently, federal prosecutors rely heavily on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to target most computer and Internet crimes. Enacted in the 1980's, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is used to go after a wide range of computer crimes. Nevertheless, according to some the Act is in long need of some changes.

CA men charged with computer crimes involving child porn

Computer crimes encompass a large number of criminal activities from Internet fraud and fishing schemes to computer sex crimes involving child pornography. While prosecutors take all types of computer and Internet crimes seriously, individuals accused of possessing child pornography often face unique challenges. Californians currently facing child pornography charges may find the following interesting.

Online impersonator laws may lead to free speech issues

Arizona may be joining California and multiple other states by making it a crime for people to create online accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter accounts. Account creation becomes illegal if the account is made in the name of someone else, without the person's permission and for malicious reasons. The new law is certainly not the first of its kind, but it does demonstrate the growing pressure on state legislatures to crack down on a rise in computer crimes, particularly those involving fraud.

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