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Tax fraud vs. negligence: Know the difference

Preparing a tax return is very complicated, especially when you have multiple sources of income. In many cases, people choose to prepare their own returns instead of hiring a professional. When your income includes wages, income from your sole proprietorship, and other sources, it is easy to make mistakes. This is especially true when you are unfamiliar with the tax code and profit and loss presentation techniques.

What is mortgage fraud?

Owning a home is part of the American dream. However, as with any transaction, there is the possibility that allegations of cheating and stealing will be made. With regard to purchasing a home, this is often referred to as mortgage fraud. This crime can take many forms, but regardless of the form, it is treated very seriously by prosecutors, especially after the housing calamity that occurred during the Great Recession.

Criminal copyright infringement and fair use

Previously on this blog we have discussed criminal copyright infringement. In short, this offense occurs when an individual willfully infringes on a copyright for financial gain, reproduces or distributes work with a total value of more than $1,000, or makes an unpublished work available on a computer. This is a serious criminal charge, and a conviction could lead to prison and hefty fines.

Facing California white collar crime allegations? We can help.

Our last blog post discussed California money laundering, including what it is and how those convicted of such a crime can be punished. Criminal offense like these, meaning those that involve some sort of illegal financial transaction or fraud related to a financial transaction, are often referred to as white collar crimes. These offenses, though perhaps, not as attention-grabbing as violent crimes, can still cause a lot of commotion and bring aggressive prosecutors into the fray.

What is money laundering in California?

Crime can, and has, pervaded every aspect of California society. Though, this means an individual could have his or her identity stolen, house broken into or physical well-being threatened, it also means that innocent individuals can find themselves facing criminal charges. Likewise, those individuals who were only minimally involved in a criminal offense may wind up facing excessively severe consequences. This is why it is important to be knowledgeable about the law and how it can pertain to an individual's specific set of circumstances.

White collar crimes: what is California restitution?

Last week on this blog, we discussed California work-at-home scams and how an individual may be accused of fraudulently acquiring funds from others with the promise of allowing them to work from home. These offenses and other white collar crimes can be heavily penalized. Society has little tolerance for those who try to steal the financial resources of others, so prosecutors often do everything they can to try to ensure a criminal defendant is convicted and subjected to the harshest penalties available under the law.

White collar crimes: what are California work-at-home scams?

In California, there are many people who possess an entrepreneurial spirit. However, anyone who has started a business can attest to the difficulties of getting started, particularly when funds are low. These individuals may be tempted to try to secure funds from others to startup their business, or even offer their employees work from home opportunities. But, those considering doing this should be careful, as any misuse or mishandling of money may be seen as criminal and result in criminal prosecution.

California woman faces federal bribery charges

Californians who find themselves handling money and financial transactions in their place of employment are held to an extremely high standard. For most, this does not become an issue, and they are able to carry out their job duties without any problems. For others, though, particularly those working with financially struggling institutions, their actions may be scrutinized more carefully. It is not uncommon in these instances for investigations to be launched and for individuals to be accused of committing financial crimes.

Three California men face healthcare fraud allegations

Several weeks ago we discussed fraud as it relates to medical care and just how damaging it can be to an accused individual's life. Now, three California men are facing this type of fraud allegation, which could land them in legal hot water if not handled correctly. Therefore, these men need a competent legal defense that will fight for their rights, freedom and their ability to avoid penalties.

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