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Prosecutors seek death penalty in drug trafficking case

The United States Attorney's Office takes the prosecution of federal drug offenses very seriously. In recent months there have been a number of cases in California involving marijuana. Despite the state's own marijuana laws, individuals have been tried under federal law for such offenses as federal drug trafficking and drug distribution.

Twenty accused of trafficking drugs between California and Idaho

The criminal penalties for federal drug crimes in the United States depend on a number of factors, such as the purpose or intended use of the substance, the amount of the illegal substance, the type of substance and other mitigating and aggravating factors. The penalty structure for federal drug crimes are set out in Chapter 21 of the United States Code, and are promulgated by the United States Sentencing Commission.

Federal sentencing for drug trafficking can be harsh

Penalties for federal drug trafficking in the United States can vary depending on the specific drug offense. Under the federal sentencing guidelines, cocaine and methamphetamine are schedule II narcotics. In addition to the particular type of illegal substance the guidelines also factor in quantity. Whatever the specific drug charges may be, California residents accused of federal drug crimes may be interested in learning more about how these cases play out.

Federal jury indicted 13 on federal drug trafficking charges

Drug trafficking is a major focus of the U.S. federal law enforcement agencies. Federal drug trafficking laws make it illegal to sell, traffic, import or possess illegal substances, including marijuana, heroin, cocaine as well as illegally obtained prescription drugs. While penalties for federal drug trafficking depend on a number of factors, including the type of substance and the quantity possessed. Most penalties include significant prison time and harsh fines.

California man forfeits $25 million in assets for drug trafficking

While there are both state and federal drug crime laws, drug trafficking is often punished particularly harshly under federal law. Sentencing for drug crimes can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors. The United States Sentencing Guidelines Commission establishes the sentencing guidelines for federal drug trafficking. Sentences for drug trafficking will vary, but penalties tend to be harsh.

New legislation may change state drug laws

In California, drug crimes come with harsh penalties. With a growing prison population and shrinking state budgets, however, some legislators are beginning to rethink the laws. In fact, one California state senator is proposing a law that will allow a prosecutor the discretion to charge certain drug crimes, such as possession, as a misdemeanor. This, however, will not affect certain other crimes like drug trafficking.

Priest arrested on federal drug trafficking charges

There have been a number of high-profile busts of drug trafficking organizations in recent months. Many of the alleged drug trafficking operations have originated in California with shipments of cocaine and marijuana traveling to the mid-west and beyond. In the most recent investigation multiple individuals from Connecticut and California were arrested in a methamphetamine drug trafficking operation that allegedly spanned the entire United States.

Midwest drug ring with connections to California busted

One important duty of a defense attorney is to help identify and secure the best possible venue for defendant's case to be heard. How the prosecutor ultimately charges a person depends upon the unique details of each case. As Sacramento readers may know, a person facing drug trafficking charges will likely face serious penalties. The difference between federal drug charges and state drug charges can have serious consequences.

California man pleads guilty to cross-country drug trafficking

Drug trafficking refers to the sale and distribution of illegal narcotics. Penalties for federal drug trafficking charges tend to be more severe than the penalties handed down for a possession conviction. Under federal law, a person convicted of moving 500 grams of cocaine faces a minimum 5-year sentence. A second offense doubles the minimum prison sentence. Recently, a California man pled guilty to trafficking multiple kilos of cocaine between states.

California to Minnesota drug trafficking operation busted

Drug trafficking charges can carry serious penalties. Federal and state laws penalize the distribution and trafficking of illegal substances such as marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine. Penalties for federal drug trafficking charges, however, are particularly harsh, something one Minnesota man and his nine co-defendants are currently learning all too well.

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