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CA men charged with computer crimes involving child porn

Computer crimes encompass a large number of criminal activities from Internet fraud and fishing schemes to computer sex crimes involving child pornography. While prosecutors take all types of computer and Internet crimes seriously, individuals accused of possessing child pornography often face unique challenges. Californians currently facing child pornography charges may find the following interesting.

Online impersonator laws may lead to free speech issues

Arizona may be joining California and multiple other states by making it a crime for people to create online accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter accounts. Account creation becomes illegal if the account is made in the name of someone else, without the person's permission and for malicious reasons. The new law is certainly not the first of its kind, but it does demonstrate the growing pressure on state legislatures to crack down on a rise in computer crimes, particularly those involving fraud.

High bail set for California man for comments made online

Internet crime, also known as cyber crime, is a broad range of illegal activity that can range from the very minor to the very serious. Internet crimes include everything from phishing scams and identity theft, to cyber bullying and even cyber terrorism. Some crimes can include very serious charges with severe penalties. That is why, no matter what charge a person faces, it is important to get the best possible criminal defense from very beginning.

California man accused of infiltrating county's computers

With growing concern over safety and security the government is beginning to place an increasing interest in Internet crimes, particularly those that target government computers. Computer hackers who target sensitive systems, whether they involve attacks on infrastructure or attempts to acquire information, can face serious criminal penalties

Charges dropped against doctor for Internet crimes

Reading about federal drug charges is nothing new to Californians. Bordering on Mexico, California has long been a central player in the trafficking world, but the nature of drug trafficking has changed dramatically. Today, rather than risk transporting drugs along vast highways populated with state and local law enforcement, many traffickers are beginning to sell and ship products online, resulting in a new class of internet-related federal charges.

2 in California face federal Internet-related charges

According to the Department of Justice, two Sacramento, California men recently pled guilty to serious internet-related federal charges. A Department of Justice news release stated that the two men pled guilty in two separate cases to possessing child pornography. Both cases arose from ongoing investigations into Internet crimes involving child pornography.

Rise in cyber attacks prompts expanded federal investigations

Cyber attacks have drastically increased in the past four years. Identity theft and impersonation of government officials to obtain financial information are among the most common forms of Internet crimes, perpetrated using a variety of methods.

Lawmakers urged to revisit federal child porn sentences

One of the most polarizing issues in the California criminal law arena is the topic of child pornography. This computer crime has become the subject of strident debate within the legal realm, as many consider the current federal sentencing recommendations to be too heavy-handed. At the same time, political figures do not want to appear to be lenient if they revise the sentences.

Federal judge drops charges in online scam case

Two consumers filed federal complaints against an Internet-based company and associated individuals for allegedly creating fraudulent digital checks in a payday lending scheme. However, the judge recently dismissed many of the accusations against the company and their supposed accomplices in a Northern California federal court. The individual defendants' motions to dismiss were granted based largely on their specific involvement in the Internet crime scheme.

Court rules against company for computer crimes

These days, more and more aspects of our lives are entering into the digital realm, as many people are documenting their lives on various social networking websites. One social networking company was blocked in their efforts by a California court as they were found in violation of state and federal computer crime laws.

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