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California woman accepts plea deal in identity theft case

In a plea agreement that was negotiated by her defense attorney with a U.S. prosecutor, a 36-year-old woman from San Francisco admitted to using identity information stolen from multiple credit card and debit card accounts to create new accounts. From February to July 2014, she opened credit accounts at a number of financial institutions in other people's names without their knowledge or permission.

Taking legal marijuana out of the state could be a federal crime

There are still a lot of issues with California's legal marijuana law. From the delay in creating secondary regulations to an increase in illegal growers using questionable chemicals, legal marijuana has created many new issues.

4 ways your case can be handled in federal court

You're a young entrepreneur, and it's true that you got caught up in some things you shouldn't have. Even though you weren't the person committing fraud, you're still facing federal charges for claims that you were responsible. How can your case be handled, and what might happen in court?

Man accused of involvement in massive cybercrime case

On Dec. 22, a Bulgarian man who was accused of stealing confidential information from two California companies pleaded not guilty. According to the lawsuit, the man, age 44, used sophisticated malware that was specifically designed to obtain banking credentials from computers that had been infected.

3 things to know about federal criminal charges

The United States is said to be a free country, but there are laws that must be followed so that order in the country is maintained. When a person has allegedly broken these laws, that person is subject to criminal charges. The circumstances of the case determine if the charges will be state charges or federal charges. In the case of federal charges, it is important that the defendant learn as much as possible about the charges he or she is facing.

Elderly father of congressman sentenced to prison

California congressman Ami Bera's father was recently sentenced to serve a year and a day in prison after pleading guilty in May 2016 to making nearly $270,000 in illegal contributions to his son's 2010 congressional campaign. The elder Bera, who is 83 years old, was sentenced on Aug. 18 in federal court in Sacramento.

Consult with an attorney if charged with a federal offense

Imagine that you commit a criminal offense. Even if it may seem minor in nature in the grand scheme of thing (such as shoplifting a candy bar), it is still a criminal offense nonetheless. It could also be a serious crime (assault, drug crimes, white collar crimes), and as such, you would be facing serious penalties. In these situations, we are talking about local crimes that would be prosecuted by local authorities.

Drug raid nets 20 suspects, all of whom face serious consequences

As has been shown through research and many documentaries, the "War on Drugs" doesn't really work. It's a never-ending campaign that makes politicians look tough in the face of those who are distributing drugs. But in reality, this is all just a facade. People still deal drugs and use drugs, and there is no evidence suggesting that extensive prison terms discourage people from partaking in the drug trade -- nor is their evidence that the extensive jail sentences prevent recidivism.

Environmental crime allegations should not be taken lightly

In nearly every aspect of our lives, our actions are shaped by the law. The way we drive, deal with our anger, and even break up with spouses are molded by the law. The same is true when it comes to disposing of waste. With growing concern about global warming and planetary pollution, the federal government has stepped up its efforts to criminally punish Californians they believe are causing harm to the Earth.

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