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Three men sentenced in federal insider trading conspiracy

White-collar crimes, such as insider trading, are receiving more and more attention as news of alleged corruption in some of the world's largest financial institutions continues to make headlines across California. Distrust and public ire previously reserved for public officials, is now being directed at the executives and CEO's that run these multi-national institutions.

Man faces charges for bringing firearms to Sacramento Airport

A recent incident at the Sacramento International Airport caused quite a stir. According to reports from federal law enforcement officials, a 45-year-old man was suspected of trying to bring four loaded firearms, ammunition and knives through a security checkpoint. Now, the man is being charged with at least four different federal firearms offenses. The man's family has indicated that he has struggled with severe depression for several years.

Study reveals widespread inconsistencies in federal sentences

Anyone accused of a crime in Sacramento, or anywhere in the country, receives a promise to be treated fairly under the law. A defendant is innocent of a crime until proven, beyond any doubt, that they are guilty. Yet if someone is found to be guilty, they should receive a sentence that matches the magnitude and circumstances of their supposed actions. Unfortunately, when being prosecuted for federal crimes, those accused do not always receive fair or consistent sentences.

Court rules against company for computer crimes

These days, more and more aspects of our lives are entering into the digital realm, as many people are documenting their lives on various social networking websites. One social networking company was blocked in their efforts by a California court as they were found in violation of state and federal computer crime laws.

Biker gang member convicted of federal weapons crime, murder

Motorcycle gangs have developed a unique place in popular culture. However, one California man, who is connected with a California chapter of the Mongols biker gang, was recently convicted of federal firearms offenses and murder. He will likely face serious penalties when he is sentenced in a couple months.

Mortgage fraud charges for Sacramento man

A federal grand jury handed down an indictment this week charging a Sacramento resident of mortgage fraud. The landscape of the housing market has seen extreme upheaval over the last decade. There was a point when home values were very high and it seemed like there was no way to lose when investing in residential property this led to an atmosphere in which credit and income checks were a mere formality because it was seemingly impossible for anyone to lose money.

'Barefoot Bandit' sentenced in federal court

The Los Angeles Times reported that the "Barefoot Bandit," as he was came to be known, was sentenced Friday in federal court for his four-year international crime spree involving stolen planes, boats and weapons.

Supreme Court says GPS tracking requires a warrant

Prosecutors are not allowed to use evidence in a criminal trial if the evidence was collected illegally, in violation of our Constitutional rights. The Fourth Amendment guarantees us the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure by the government. This week the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the prohibition on unreasonable searches included the use of a GPS tracking system that the police had attached to a suspect's car.

California men accused of federal crimes: passport fraud

There are many kinds of offenses that can be prosecuted as federal crimes. And individuals who are facing allegations by the federal government may face a tough legal challenge. The United States Department of State's Diplomatic Security Services recently announced that nine California residents in the Central Valley were arrested in 2011 on federal passport fraud charges.Two of the nine persons arrested are Stockton residents. Authorities say the men were accused of applying for passports with fraudulently obtained, counterfeit, or stolen identification materials. A spokesperson for the Diplomatic Security Service indicated that it is illegal to "apply for or obtain a United States passport under false pretenses."

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