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Man investigated for using counterfeit currency in Sierra Vista

Although the Secret Service is known most for its role with the President, the Secret Service's original mandate was to investigate the counterfeiting of U.S. currency. While the Secret Service still investigates currency fraud, their role in federal investigations has expanded to such federal crimes and federal offenses such as financial institution fraud, advance fee fraud and money laundering fraud.

Florida man faces federal charges in San Diego for sex crime

Federal criminal penalties for sex crimes involving minors are incredibly harsh. In addition to long prison sentences, fines and harsh probationary periods, individuals convicted of federal crimes involving a sex or sexual misconduct with a minor can face a lifetime of registering as a sex offender. Unlike other crimes such as murder, sex offender's face a lifelong stigma from the registry that may make a fresh start very nearly impossible.

Woman faces decade to life for alleged sex trafficking

Federal law enforcement agencies have increased their efforts to crack down on sex trafficking throughout the United States. If convicted of a federal offense for sex trafficking, individuals can face stiff penalties, including long prison terms, fines and a lifetime of sex offender registration and state supervision.

Court drops multiple convictions for bad jury instructions

In a federal criminal trial the jury decides if there is enough evidence to support a finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The role of the judge is to decide what legal standards to apply and then instruct the jury on these principles, what finding will need to be made to arrive at a finding of guilty, the definition of the crime and the concept of reasonable doubt. Incorrect jury instructions can result in a guilty verdict for a federal crime being thrown out.

Feds conduct multiple arrests in white collar crime operation

Many, if not most, white collar crimes involve various forms of fraud. Fraud, in general, is a crime that involves one party intentionally or willfully deceiving another for some form of financial reward. One especially common form of white collar crime is securities fraud. Securities fraud describes a variety of activities, such as insider trading that utilize various forms of deception to manipulate the marketplace for financial gain, which is what happened in a recent case involving people from California and a number of other states.

California men charged for federal drug trafficking offenses

Federal investigations have resulted in two separate cases in the same county involving drug charges. Multiple California men are facing charges for federal crimes involving significant quantities of controlled substances.

'Wayward' Navy SEAL sentenced for firearm charges in California

Sacramento residents might be interested to learn a bit about a recent case involving a former U.S. Navy SEAL. A federal jury recently found the man guilty of 13 federal weapons charges, including conspiracy and arms trafficking charges.

Plea bargain nets California man 12-year sentence for fraud

A California man recently received a 144-month prison sentence and three years of supervised release for his part in a mortgage fraud conspiracy. In addition to the 12-year jail sentence, the federal judge presiding over the matter also ordered the man to pay $1 million in restitution to homeowners allegedly defrauded by his activity and nearly $100,000 in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service.

Federal grand jury indicts 30 in alleged drug trafficking scheme

The owners of two California indoor gardening stores and 28 other people are facing federal drug trafficking charges for allegedly operating a large marijuana distribution ring. A grand jury recently indicted the group of 30 for violating federal drug trafficking laws.

Rise in cyber attacks prompts expanded federal investigations

Cyber attacks have drastically increased in the past four years. Identity theft and impersonation of government officials to obtain financial information are among the most common forms of Internet crimes, perpetrated using a variety of methods.

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