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Senator faces serious penalties for white collar crimes

A few weeks back, we wrote about the indictment of California State Senator, Leland Yee, for federal crimes involving public corruption. The allegations of white collar crimes, such as bribery and embezzlement, were serious enough. However, since that time, the full scope of the federal investigation and the allegations against Senator Yee has become very public. The charges now extend beyond white collar crimes to allegations of federal firearm offenses, federal drug crimes and even murder-for-hire.

California tax preparers face allegations of alleged fraud

With April 15 is quickly approaching, federal investigators will be carefully reviewing federal tax filings for the possibility of fraud. The actual incidents of tax fraud in the U.S. are small. When it does occur, federal authorities take the crime seriously. California residents facing charges for white-collar crimes, such as tax fraud, might find the following article on a series of recent arrests for federal tax fraud activity informative.

Former Innkeeper facing allegations of fraud

Being accused of a crime related to the work environment is often serious and could damage their personal and professional reputation. This involves a broad range of criminal activities from embezzlement and wire fraud to ponzi schemes and more. While the term white collar crime is broad, what these crimes tend to have in a common is that they involve crimes of deceit motivated by financial award. While federal authorities take all federal crimes seriously, in recent years there has been an increased focus on white collar crimes.

Federal charges brought for loan modification scam

The federal government takes financial fraud very seriously. Individuals suspected of financial crimes such as fraud or embezzlement often face long and invasive federal investigations, as well as aggressive federal prosecutions. Furthermore, while penalties for financial crimes vary dramatically depending on a variety of factors, federal charges for white collar crimes can carry long prison sentences and hefty fines.

Man arrested in California for international wire fraud

Fraud is a common form of white-collar crime and it can include a variety of activities. One form of fraud is wire fraud. Wire fraud refers to the use of deceit to secure money or property through the use of interstate wires. This includes the use of television, radio, telephone or computer. The following is a brief account of one man's arrest in California for his alleged involvement in wire fraud and other white-collar crimes.

California men face federal charges for lying to obtain loans

An Elk Grove man and his brother have been charged with federal offenses for allegedly engaging in student loan fraud. Essentially, fraud is a form of theft that involves the intentional deception of another to obtain something of value. The elements of fraud include misrepresentation of facts that ultimately result in an entity's financial loss or injury.

Federal judge drops charges in online scam case

Two consumers filed federal complaints against an Internet-based company and associated individuals for allegedly creating fraudulent digital checks in a payday lending scheme. However, the judge recently dismissed many of the accusations against the company and their supposed accomplices in a Northern California federal court. The individual defendants' motions to dismiss were granted based largely on their specific involvement in the Internet crime scheme.

Investment researcher pleads not guilty to insider trading

Since the financial crisis started several years ago, there has been intense scrutiny place on those thought be guilty of committing white collar crimes in Sacramento and across the country. The Securities and Exchange Commission invests a significant amount of resources into investigating suspected individuals and trying to secure their conviction.

California man admits to tax evasion, embezzling wine

A California man pled guilty to multiple federal charges, including tax evasion. The man faces nearly 30 years in prison and other penalties as a result of his conviction. Before being convicted, the man owned a large warehouse at which premium wine was stored for a fee. The man admitted that he embezzled wine, failed to report income to the IRS and set his wine warehouse on fire.

California men accused of federal crimes: passport fraud

There are many kinds of offenses that can be prosecuted as federal crimes. And individuals who are facing allegations by the federal government may face a tough legal challenge. The United States Department of State's Diplomatic Security Services recently announced that nine California residents in the Central Valley were arrested in 2011 on federal passport fraud charges.Two of the nine persons arrested are Stockton residents. Authorities say the men were accused of applying for passports with fraudulently obtained, counterfeit, or stolen identification materials. A spokesperson for the Diplomatic Security Service indicated that it is illegal to "apply for or obtain a United States passport under false pretenses."

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