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When everything you have worked for is at stake, we have the knowledge, resources and trial skills to defend you effectively.

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If you are facing charges for a criminal offense, it is critical to get a strong criminal defense lawyer on your side.  A conviction for any type of crime can have a devastating impact on your future.

Even if charges haven’t been filed yet, but you believe you may be under investigation, it’s important to get help. Having the right attorney beside you can help to ensure your rights and freedom are protected to the fullest possible extent under the law.

Thomas A. Johnson

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Our attorneys defend a full range of federal and state cases, with a focus on serious felonies. Our approach to representation is comprehensive and proactive, extending to criminal or civil investigations that could lead to charges if not resolved.  

Tom Johnson is a former state and federal prosecutor who has tried over 120 cases in a career spanning more than three decades. He is known for his effective advocacy and the ability to deliver results for clients under pressure, including in high-profile cases that attract media attention.

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