Strategic Federal And State Criminal Defense

Protect Yourself From Charges When Under Investigation

If you realize you are under investigation, proactive representation before charges are filed is critical. It could enable you to resolve the situation effectively before the situation escalates into serious consequences.

That’s why, if you are under suspicion of a crime or are being investigated, either by law enforcement or in a civil context, you need experienced legal counsel on your side. In Northern California, prominent Sacramento defense attorney Tom Johnson can help you protect your rights regardless of whether you’ve been charged or not.

With Mr. Johnson on your side from the start, you may avoid the worst outcomes of an investigation and keep your reputation intact. He know how to deal with the Justice Department, the IRS, the SEC and other agencies to wrap up their investigations without levying high penalties or filing state or federal criminal charges.

Responding Proactively To Investigators’ Work

Many investigations for which Mr. Johnson defends clients are about federal issues such as allegations of money laundering, health care fraud or improper internet activities. In other cases at state or local levels, authorities such as the state attorney general’s office or county agencies may pursue corruption or regulatory-related investigations that could result in either civil or criminal charges. Examples of civil cases that put people at risk of criminal charges include the following:

  • Drug investigations involving allegations of mismanagement or diversion of controlled substances by pharmacies, hospitals or individual health care providers
  • U.S. Department of Justice investigations for suspected civil rights violations
  • Corporate investigations into suspected fraud or noncompliance with financial or other regulations that are primarily civil, not criminal

Without a proactive response, a probe that starts as civil in nature can escalate and become a criminal case. With the Law Office of Thomas A. Johnson to safeguard your interests, an investigation may be dropped or resolved without charges being filed.

Get Legal Counsel Sooner Rather Than Later

Waiting to see what will happen can be a terrible mistake when you realize or suspect investigators are on your trail. There may be much more at risk than you imagine once an investigation is opened. The Law Office of Thomas A. Johnson welcomes inquiries at any stage of an investigation – possibly including an internal investigation within a large organization.

Learn how the Law Office of Thomas A. Johnson can protect your rights and interests, and avert harsh outcomes in any criminal, civil or internal investigation. Call 866-974-4316 or complete an online inquiry form to request a consultation with investigation defense attorney Thomas A. Johnson.