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“Tom’s thoughtful and aggressive defense was the key to getting the indictment dismissed.”
-D. J.

“Tom’s cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses ended their case.”
-G. W.

“Tom was an outstanding, aggressive trial attorney. His skills in court saved our family.”
-R. D.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

“Thank you so much for helping Matthew regain his life and his future back. Your expertise and contribution is priceless.”
-Sincerely, R. Suhardja

“You literally saved our daughter’s life, we cannot thank you enough.”
Dennis and Carolyn Lushay (Parents of Kristina Fuelling).

“Now on Mr. Johnson’s part, he did an incredible job of compiling information in the case. I have never had more complete information on a defendant at sentencing than I have had in this case. It is thorough, complete, appropriate, and very useful in arriving at a decision in this case.”
Honorable Richard Couzens, Placer County Superior Court

“Hi Tom,

You were exactly the right person for the job and we are all very grateful for your professional handling of the case against Michael Winter. I believe that I told you in the beginning that you gave me a sense of calm when I spoke with you, and I really needed that at the time. Your calm demeanor and knowledge of the court system was exactly the right mix. You were always kind, and caring, and professional in every situation with our family. That was truly a blessing to us.

I feel very fortunate to have found you. If we can ever do anything to help you, please let us know. You are a very good man and an excellent lawyer.”
– Joan Winter

“I was facing 10 years with 5 prison priors when Mr. Johnson took over my case. He was brilliant in trial in front of Judge James Henke. I believe he is the best trial attorney I have seen. At the end of the trial the jury was hung and the case got dismissed.”
– John Tuell