Strategic Federal And State Criminal Defense

Protecting Your Freedom In Federal Embezzlement Cases

Embezzlement can become a federal offense in cases where the property that has been taken is connected to interstate commerce, a federally regulated market or a federal program. The processes involved with federal court cases are completely different from those at the state level, and an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer can give you the best chance of avoiding a conviction.

At the Law Office of Thomas A. Johnson, we provide sophisticated defense representation to clients throughout Northern California in a broad range of complex federal embezzlement matters. Attorney Tom Johnson is a former federal prosecutor: He has handled cases exactly like yours from the other side. He will use his knowledge and experience to present a strong defense designed to protect your freedom.

Skillful Defense Representation Against Any Federal Embezzlement Charge

Most people’s understanding of embezzlement involves workplace theft — money or goods stolen by an employee. While employee theft can certainly be a part of a federal embezzlement case, there are a number of other considerations that can result in criminal charges. We will take a customized, results-oriented approach to your case, and we are committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for you.

We represent clients in cases involving any type of federal embezzlement charge, including:

  • Theft of government funds by federal employees, including officers
  • Theft by bank employees
  • Theft of health or other benefit plan funds
  • Failure to safeguard federal funds or deposit them in a timely manner
  • Theft of U.S. government property, including cash, assets and records
  • Misuse of public funds
  • Theft of counterfeiting tools and supplies
  • Theft of a major piece of artwork
  • Theft of livestock

Speak With Attorney Johnson About Your Federal Defense Needs

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