Strategic Federal And State Criminal Defense


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  • United States v. D. J. CA Eastern District, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, 2016. Federal Indictment for unlawful repair of aircraft parts. Result: Indictment dismissed – violation of client’s due process.
  • People v. C. K. – Sacramento Superior Court, 2016. Misdemeanor possession of a gun at an airport. Result: Dismissed.
  • United States v. J. G. – CA Eastern District, CA Central District, 2014. Federal indictment for attempted production of child pornography. Result: Found not guilty on all counts by jury.
  • People v. R. D. – Mendocino County Superior Court, 2014. Felony child molestation, 4 counts. Result: Found not guilty on all counts by jury.
  • People v. G. W. – Sacramento County Superior Court, 2013. Felony assault with great bodily injury. Result: Found not guilty on all counts by jury.
  • People v. S.M., January 2012. Charges: Felony child abduction. Result: Case dismissed.
  • People vs. Hubert Rotteveel, October 2010 (Yolo County). Charges: Two federal bank robberies with a deadly weapon. Potential Exposure: 13 years. Result: Four years, eight months minimum sentence.
  • People vs. DN, September 2010 (Placer County). Charges: Two-victim, five-count rape. Result: Misdemeanor battery.
  • People vs. DM, September 2010 (Placer County). Charges: Five counts child molestation. Exposure: 16 years with sex registration. Result: Child molestation charges dropped, probation, no jail, no sex registration.
  • People vs. BS, June 2010. Charges: Sexually violent predator. Exposure: Life in prison. Result: Charges Dismissed.
  • People vs. MS, May 2010. Charges: Robbery. Result: Charges dismissed, deferred entry of judgment, petty theft.
  • People vs. Raul Palafox, 2010. Charges: Attempted murder, use of a gun. Result: Charges dismissed.
  • People vs. Kristina Fuelling, 2009. Charges: Murder. Result: Not guilty by reason of insanity.
  • People vs. JC, 2009 (San Joaquin County). Charges: DUI. Result: Charges dismissed.
  • United States vs. T.A.M., 2009. Charges: Federal pornography. Result: Charges dismissed.
  • United States vs. Robert Scott, 2008. Arrest: Federal indictment for narcotic trafficking dismissed. Result: Plead guilty to misdemeanor possession.