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Defending Clients Against Serious Federal Mortgage Fraud Charges

In response to the recent mortgage crisis, federal authorities have poured increased resources into investigating and prosecuting cases of suspected mortgage fraud. If you have been charged with mortgage fraud, you need an experienced defense lawyer on your side.

At the Law Office of Thomas A. Johnson, we help clients throughout Northern California fight real estate fraud charges in federal court. Sacramento mortgage fraud attorney Thomas A. Johnson has the experience and resources to aggressively protect your rights and interests.

Taking The Necessary Steps To Protect Our Clients’ Rights

If you have been accused of participating in a predatory lending or fraud-for-profit scheme, we will independently investigate your case so we can hold the prosecutors accountable. We defend clients against mortgage fraud accusations such as the following:

  • Purchase of residential property under a false name
  • Misstatement of assets and liabilities on a loan application
  • Making false statements to the FBI or IRS about a loan application
  • Preparation of a fraudulent real estate appraisal

Mortgage fraud is often prosecuted as mail and wire fraud and/or money laundering. If you are convicted of one of these offenses, you could be forced to pay massive fines and sentenced to a substantial prison term — especially if a white collar crime enhancement applies.

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We have the experience to effectively negotiate with the government during pre-indictment investigations and aggressively defend our clients at trial. To schedule a consultation to discuss your case, please contact us at 916-248-8598 or by email.