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Aggressive Defense For Marijuana Charges

Although recreational marijuana is now legal per state law in California, it is still illegal under federal law to cultivate, possess or distribute it. With current trends in the direction of more aggressive enforcement of federal laws, Californians who grow marijuana sometimes run into legal trouble despite the leniency of state laws on the plant, also known as cannabis, weed or pot.

Growers, producers and people handling cash flow related to marijuana production often suddenly find themselves in need of highly skilled legal defense after a seizure or arrest. Particularly problematic related matters sometimes leading to federal drug charges may include:

  • Cultivation of obviously larger amounts of marijuana than what might be for personal use
  • Seizure of prolific marijuana crops by federal agents
  • Apparent overlapping of business accounts and land assets that federal agents might consider to be potentially involved in federally illegal marijuana production on a given piece of land
  • Funding of marijuana cultivation and conducting of buy-sell transactions through cyber currency like Bitcoins and other hard-to-trace pathways of payments

Criminal Charges Over Related Financial Matters

Federal law enforcement agents and prosecutors may claim that cyber currency exchanges between producers and consumers or distributors of marijuana have violated federal laws. For example, federal agents may allege that a marijuana producer has violated regulations of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) that govern Bitcoin transactions.

On the other hand, many marijuana dispensaries in California operate on a cash-only basis. Federal investigations into these operations may allege a lack of compliance with Bank Secrecy Act cash-reporting requirements.

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As a former prosecutor, attorney Thomas A. Johnson applies his insight into prosecution tactics, as well as his knowledge accumulated through years of criminal defense practice at state and federal levels. He skillfully challenges the prosecution’s evidence. He evaluates potentially illegal search and seizure activities of law enforcement agents. Our law firm has helped many clients obtain acquittals and dismissals in drug manufacturing, trafficking and conspiracy cases. (No outcome can be promised in your case, but a vigorous defense should be your expectation).

Protect Or Reclaim Your Freedom After A Marijuana-Related Seizure Or Arrest

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