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California man admits to tax evasion, embezzling wine

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2012 | White Collar Crimes |

A California man pled guilty to multiple federal charges, including tax evasion. The man faces nearly 30 years in prison and other penalties as a result of his conviction. Before being convicted, the man owned a large warehouse at which premium wine was stored for a fee. The man admitted that he embezzled wine, failed to report income to the IRS and set his wine warehouse on fire.

Winemakers that used the man’s facility began to ask questions about their inventory when the man claimed that the product had been temporarily misplaced. In an act of desperation, he responded by setting the warehouse on fire.

The man spent most of his time in court lying on his back due to severe back pain. In light of his guilty plea, the man will spend 27 years in prison, which could have been significantly longer if he received maximum sentences.

White collar crime charges, such as tax evasion, carry serious penalties, so it is very important that you employ knowledgeable legal defense if you’re accused of such offenses. Federal IRS officials use complex tactics to gather evidence against people. As such, it is suggested that you become advised of your rights and have aggressive representation to act on your behalf.

Though this man admitted to committing these crimes, he was still able to reduce his sentence. Effective representation in court will protect your rights, so you are not treated unfairly. Furthermore, if you are actually not guilty of the crimes you’re accused of, then it’s even more important to have someone to help you find justice.

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