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California man pleads not guilty to mortgage fraud

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2012 | Federal Crimes |

A man recently pleaded not guilty in relation to a mortgage scam involving four California mansions. The man is being accused of multiple federal crimes, including conspiracy, fraud and money laundering.

According to federal authorities, the 41-year-old Californian fabricated information on home loan applications in order to pocket cash for himself and another business associate. The man reportedly had friends and family supply their personal information and formulated job and income information, so they could appear to qualify for the funds to buy multi-million dollar homes. The man allegedly arranged for various fees to come out of the mortgage funds, so he could profit.

Though reports suggest the man is guilty beyond doubt, he has pled not guilty in court. The information about the case is supplied from the indictment, which is designed to make the accused look as guilty as possible. No matter the nature of a supposed crime, a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

In order to track down and build evidence against those suspected of committing a federal crime, such as fraud or money laundering, law enforcement agents use a variety of complicated, and sometimes unscrupulous, tactics to achieve a conviction. Those accused of committing a federal crime should consider hiring a capable defense attorney to ensure that law enforcement has not gathered evidence in an illegal manner. This type of counsel can ensure that your rights are protected in the instance that you face a court trial.

Most often, penalties for federal crimes are more stringent than those under state jurisdiction. Knowing this, it is even more important to seek the help of a trustworthy legal professional. Federal convictions are very serious, so those accused of a federal crime should respond appropriately.

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