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Man gets no jail time for his supposed role in weapons operation

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2012 | Weapons Crimes |

A recent post discussed a former United States Navy SEAL from California who was arrested on federal firearms charges for transporting and storing heavy weapons, including military grade explosives and machine guns, with the intent to sell them on the black market.

The former Navy SEAL, who was dealing with post-war anxiety issues, was charged with the weapons crimes and was eventually convicted. Unfortunately, for his part in the crime, the man received nearly 18 years of jail time. However, the other person with whom the SEAL allegedly collaborated was recently sentenced and avoided jail time.

The former Navy SEAL allegedly involved the other man by storing some of the weapons at his home, which is outside of California. Reports indicate that the man stored weapons, such as machine guns, grenades, military C-4 explosives and more. The weapons were smuggled into the United States following the man’s deployments in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

The man who was apparently involved in the weapons scheme pled guilty to assisting the former SEAL with the weapons operation. Though he was convicted on the federal conspiracy charges for aiding in the sale of illegal weapons, the man avoided time behind bars altogether.

According to reports, the man was able to reach a plea agreement with U.S. District Attorney’s in exchange for pleading guilty and testifying against his former friend. The agreement included a guilty plea to conspiracy to sell firearms and explosives. In exchange for his cooperation, the man received eight months of home confinement.

His reduced sentence was apparently an enticing deal, considering the gravity of the crime and the possible sentence at the heart of the matter. Certainly, the conviction came on favorable terms, but the federal charges will remain on the man’s permanent record. The hope is that the man was able to have a serious conversation with his attorney before accepting the plea deal.

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