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Midwest drug ring with connections to California busted

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2013 | Drug Trafficking |

One important duty of a defense attorney is to help identify and secure the best possible venue for defendant’s case to be heard. How the prosecutor ultimately charges a person depends upon the unique details of each case. As Sacramento readers may know, a person facing drug trafficking charges will likely face serious penalties. The difference between federal drug charges and state drug charges can have serious consequences.

A major drug operation stretching from California to the mid-west was broken up recently. In the present case, five men were arrested for allegedly running a large narcotics operation in Wichita, Kansas. According to reports, the elaborate drug ring revolved around the sale of the increasingly popular PCP, otherwise known as “angel dust.” Law enforcement suspect that all five of the men recently arrested may be associated with a West Coast gang.

The arrest of the men occurred after law enforcement received a tip. Among the items that were confiscated in the bust were multiple weapons and a large amount of PCP. While the details are not entirely clear, police claim that the five men, who were all from the West Coast, were in Kansas running the drug business. The profits from the alleged sale of the illegal substance were purportedly being sent back to California.

It is currently unknown where the men will be charged, but the men could face federal drug charges due to the large amount of drugs confiscated. The origin of the illegal drugs and the relationship between the men, Wichita and California remain unknown. These details will certainly play a role in the ultimate charges brought against by the prosecutor.

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