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California tax preparers face allegations of alleged fraud

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2014 | White Collar Crimes |

With April 15 is quickly approaching, federal investigators will be carefully reviewing federal tax filings for the possibility of fraud. The actual incidents of tax fraud in the U.S. are small. When it does occur, federal authorities take the crime seriously. California residents facing charges for white-collar crimes, such as tax fraud, might find the following article on a series of recent arrests for federal tax fraud activity informative.

It was recently reported that 10 individuals from Southern California are facing accusations of tax fraud by federal authorities. According to reports, investigators unsealed indictments for three cases where income tax preparers, and their associates are accused of participating in an alleged tax scheme to obtain millions of dollars in federal refunds. All of the alleged fraud took place at businesses located in the Inland Empire.

The individuals implicated in the alleged federal tax fraud schemes face a variety of federal charges based on their various involvements in the alleged crimes. The charges against the individuals allegedly involved in the various crimes include multiple felony counts, such as making false claims, aggravated identity theft, government theft, wire fraud, manipulating client info and assisting in the preparation of false tax returns.

California residents facing charges for federal crimes related to tax fraud or other financial matters should consult with a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. With so much on the line, from stiff financial penalties to long prison sentences there is simply no time to waste waging a strong and aggressive defense. For many professionals, the consequences of not fighting are simply too much to bare.

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