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Federal authorities crackdown on gang activity

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2014 | Weapons Crimes |


Federal law enforcement authorities from the DEA to the ATF take the enforcement of federal criminal law very seriously. The same is true for the federal attorneys who prosecute these cases. That is also why it is vital for individuals accused of federal crimes, such federal firearm offenses to consult with an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. It could very well have a substantial effect on the outcome of your case.

According to recent news reports, federal authorities have charged 45 individuals with federal drug crimes and federal weapons crimes in a federal court in San Diego. All 45 of the people charged allegedly have links to various local street gangs and most are accused of trafficking and selling methamphetamine. After a long federal investigation, 40 people are in custody and 52 illegal weapons were taken off of the street.

In addition to seizing a number of weapons including assault rifles with high capacity magazines; federal agents also seized nearly $60,000 in cash. Multiple unsealed federal indictments related to the recent case describe at least five different criminal conspiracies including overlapping players from gangs including the Oriental Killer Boys, Linda Vista Crips, Oriental Mob Crips, Viet Boys Crips and others.

The recent arrest of the 45 alleged gang-members and their associates for federal weapons offenses and federal drug trafficking crimes is just one more in a long line of federal crackdowns in San Diego County street gangs. In fact, since January 2012 there have been nearly 300 people charged in a series of federal gang prosecutions throughout the County. Methamphetamine crimes are of particular interest in the area.

Any Sacramento residents who are facing similar charges should make sure they have a strong defense to fight the charges. Experienced criminal defense attorneys are able to analyze the details of one’s case and make sure a detailed defensive strategy is presented on behalf of their client.

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