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Seven arrested in methamphetamine drug trafficking operation

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2014 | Drug Trafficking |

Drug trafficking is a serious criminal offense with serious, long-term consequences. Both states and the federal government have laws targeting serious drug offenses, such as trafficking. Due to the nature of drug trafficking, which often includes multiple jurisdictions and cross-boarder activity, individuals accused of trafficking illegal substances will likely face federal drug trafficking charges, instead of state charges.

Police recently arrested seven people accused of operating a large-scale drug trafficking operation. It has been reported that the group is accused of moving large quantities of methamphetamine from Southern California to Idaho. In fact, authorities claim that the group may be responsible for a significant amount of the drug in the Boise area, up to 50 pounds. The investigation of the group lasted for about nine months.

Officers have accused two of the individuals associated with the drug trafficking operation of transport the methamphetamine from Southern California to Idaho. The individuals reportedly drove the drugs from one state to another. The rest of the individuals are accused of distributing the drugs, once the drugs had been delivered. Due to the large quantity of meth, the individuals could face long prison sentences, if convicted.

Drug trafficking is a serious crime with serious consequences. Individuals convicted of trafficking in illegal substances can face stiff penalties, including long prison sentences, large fines and more. Under federal guidelines, individuals convicted of drug trafficking can face between 5 years and life in prison, depending on a prior criminal history, the type of substance involved in the transaction and the quantity of the drug.

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