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California man faces serious federal weapons charges

On Behalf of | May 16, 2014 | Weapons Crimes |

There are many people in the Sacramento area who are law-abiding gun owners, but the difference between lawful weapons and illegal ones can be a matter of a few changed parts. When people convert pistols and rifles to be fully automatic, they can quickly find themselves facing charges of federal firearms offenses.

A 29-year-old Carmichael man faces charges that he illegally sold explosives and converted firearms to fully automatic machine guns. Federal agents said that the man had been under investigation for months before they arrested him.

According to prosecutors, federal agents began investigating the man after receiving a tip that he was in the business of converting Glock handguns and AR-15 rifles to fire continuously when their triggers were pulled. According to prosecutors, an informant and undercover agents met with the man on several occasions and purchased from him equipment that can be used to convert legal weapons to unlawful automatic weapons, telling the man that they represented drug traffickers. They said that he also agreed to sell more weapons and explosives to the agents. Prosecutors said they obtained search warrants for the man’s property after they became concerned that he had discovered that he was under surveillance.

Federal prosecutors have enormous resources at their disposal. They have attorneys who know how to present a case, and they typically have the backing of police and other authority figures who look impressive to a jury.

Because the prosecution is so formidable and sophisticated, those charged with federal crimes need a defense team that is at least as strong. Sacramento attorneys with experience defending clients in tough federal weapons cases can help the accused to assess their defense options.

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