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California National Guard members accused of wire fraud

On Behalf of | May 30, 2014 | Federal Crimes |

Individuals, organizations and corporations are protective of their money. So, when funds go missing or are paid out in a suspicious way, they quickly take note and seek to get to the bottom of the matter. Their investigation and thirst for justice can lead to federal charges and the potential for harsh penalties and long-term consequences.

Eight members of the California National Guard have been indicted on allegations that they fraudulently acquired recruitment referral bonuses. Federal authorities claim the accused individuals claimed to have referred National Guard members that, in many cases, they had never met to recruitment offices. One of the accused individuals is alleged to have illegally obtained $95,000 in bonuses. The suspects are each charged with wire fraud, which could land each of them in prison for up to 20 years.

In addition to prison time, these accused individuals may face fines and a damaging criminal record, if convicted. A conviction may leave their reputation irreparably damaged, making it difficult for them to find future employment and housing. Charges related to serious federal crimes like this should therefore be taken seriously and defended against aggressively.

A California-based attorney may be able to help accused individuals escape harsh, life-altering penalties. A lawyer experienced with the federal court system will work to assess the facts of the case and any applicable law. He or she may then challenge every aspect of the alleged crime in efforts to obtain an acquittal or dropped or reduced charges. For example, in the case discussed above, an attorney may use evidence, witness accounts, and the law to draw into question whether the accused individuals actually knew the recruits they referred to recruitment offices. Hopefully, such tactics will lead to a favorable outcome and as little damage as possible to a defendant’s life.

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