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Three in southern California face federal fraud charges

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2014 | White Collar Crimes |

White collar crimes are those offenses that are non-violent in nature and are financially motivated. Typically, those accused of these crimes are business employees and government officials. Yet, with the increase in identity theft and various types of fraud, almost anyone can find himself or herself subjected to white collar crime allegations. When this happens, an accused individual should do everything in his or her power to fight the charges in order to protect his or her freedom, finances and reputation.

Three Orange County individuals are in hot water after being accused of such offenses. According to authorities, the three individuals, two medical consultants and a marketer, told prospective patients that they could receive free or discounted cosmetic surgeries if they underwent other unnecessary medical treatments. The accused individuals then allegedly charged all procedures to the patient’s insurance, even if it was not covered. The alleged scheme is claimed to have defrauded insurers of more than $50 million. All three now face several federal counts of mail fraud, each of which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

It is easy to see from this case that a fraud conviction can easily land an individual in prison for the rest of his or her life. Even if a convicted individual successfully serves his or her prison sentence, the long-term consequences of other penalties such as fines and a federal criminal record can severely damage an individual’s life. Therefore, those who face a federal investigation and subsequent criminal charges are in for the fight of their lives.

Navigating the federal criminal system can be difficult for those unaccustomed to it. Thus, it may be in an accused individual’s best interest to seek help from an experienced attorney, who will do everything he or she can to get charges dropped or reduced before trial or, if the case goes to trial, an acquittal. When it comes to white collar crimes, there are many defense strategies. By meeting with an attorney, an accused individual can discover his or her legal options and will then be able to make fully informed decisions in his or her best interest.

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