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UPS worker charged for alleged federal gun crimes

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2014 | Weapons Crimes |

A Southern California UPS worker was recently taken into custody on numerous federal firearms offenses. Authorities allege the accused individual stole several shipments of guns intended for a Turner’s Outdoorsman store located in Rancho Cucamonga. In total, authorities believe the 36-year-old suspect stole 72 firearms, which were then allegedly given to a middleman to be sold on the black market. Both the former UPS driver and the alleged middleman face numerous charges, which include theft of firearms, receipt and possession of stolen firearms, and theft of goods in interstate commerce.

Federal gun crimes, including unlawful possession and gun trafficking, are often aggressively prosecuted. Prosecutors may use extensive physical evidence and witnesses, perhaps including informant and/or undercover agents, to build a case. When facing such a fierce opponent, a criminal defendant should develop the best case he or she can muster. Failing to do so could result in harsh, long-lasting penalties, which may include a lengthy prison sentence and years of personal struggle finding a job and a place to live.

To put forth the best case possible, it may be imperative to acquire the help of an experienced defense attorney. He or she will diligently work to find holes in the prosecution’s case. This may mean cross-examining witnesses, finding witnesses that support the defendant’s story, putting forth the defendant’s alibi, and challenging specific elements of the alleged crime. Even if the evidence seems overwhelming against a defendant, an attorney can help him or her negotiate with prosecutors, hopefully resulting in reduced charges that allow the accused individual to get back to his or her normal life as quickly as possible.

It is never easy facing criminal charges. It can be a stressful and fearful time filled with uncertainty. However, by speaking with an attorney, an accused individual may be able to rest easy knowing that his or her case is in competent hands.

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