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California man accused of embezzlement

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2014 | White Collar Crimes |

A California man is facing allegations that he took part in white collar crimes, defrauding his company of hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to reports, the 61-year-old contractor is accused of embezzling in excess of $440,000 when he used the company’s credit card for personal uses. The man is also accused of using those credit cards to upgrade his vacation residence in Hawaii. In addition to embezzlement, the contractor is accused of property damage and loss and misappropriation of public funds by overcharging a county for his work.

White collar crimes are prosecuted aggressively, threatening to imprison an individual for a significant period of time. The man mentioned above, for example, could wind up behind bars for 11 years if convicted. To make matters worse, even though those who face criminal charges are innocent until proven guilty, all too often the public views these individuals as guilty until proven innocent. Therefore, those who face white collar crime allegations should put forth a strong criminal defense and find a way to protect their reputation.

An experienced California attorney will know how to do this. When it comes to financial crimes, a strong defense attorney will assess any paperwork in question and also assess the amount alleged to have been taken. Witnesses may be called and expert testimony may become necessary. However, there are strategies to approaching these matters, and an attorney can discuss with a defendant how to handle them.

A defense attorney may also know how to handle the media in a way that protects the defendant’s image and reputation. An attorney may speak to reporters on the accused individual’s behalf, and will not discuss sensitive matters that paint the defendant in a poor light. Hopefully, when all is said and done, an accused individual like the man above will walk away free of penalties and with his or her reputation intact.

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