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We may be able to help you beat federal drug trafficking charges

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2014 | Drug Trafficking |

Last week’s blog post discussed the scheduling of illegal substances and how schedule determination can affect potential penalties. Drug trafficking is aggressively prosecuted in our country as the War on Drugs continues to rage. Even seemingly minor drug crimes can be charged as a federal drug offense, forcing you to confront the possibility of years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. Additionally, a criminal conviction can ruin your reputation, ability to find housing, and even obtain an education.

Thus, if you are accused of committing a drug trafficking offense, you likely have a lot to lose. To make matters worse, you may be up against an aggressive, experienced prosecutor who may push for the highest charges with the harshest penalties. In order to adequately defend against such charges, you may need the best criminal defense attorney you can find. We at the Law Office of Thomas A Johnson believe that we can provide the services needed to properly defend against a diligent prosecution.

Defending against federal drug charges is not easy. Oftentimes, the prosecution presents evidence that incriminates you. It may even be enough for a conviction. However, we know how to handle search and seizure issues, which may allow you to get such incriminating evidence suppressed. Also, we analyze every aspect of the alleged crime and, if there are any prosecutorial holes, we will exploit them as best as possible to raise doubt as to your guilt.

There are several legal strategies that can be utilized to defend against a drug charge. Yet, every case is different, meaning that every situation should be assessed to determine the exact legal action that works best under the circumstances. The best way to discover which defense tactics are best for you is to discuss the matter with a California defense attorney who puts you and your freedom first.