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Sacramento marijuana clinic owner taken into custody

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2015 | White Collar Crimes |

The law can be confusing. This statement is no surprise to many, but to some, the intricacies of the legal system can be damning. Particularly, those who operate in the corporate world can suddenly find themselves being accused of running afoul of the law. When this happens, those facing criminal allegations should do everything they can to get the law to support their side of the story.

At least two individuals may need to do so after being taken into custody for several alleged white collar crimes. The arrests came after authorities claimed a chain of medical marijuana clinics was run by a non-doctor organized crime ring and the doctor at the clinics handed out prescriptions and exemptions to many individuals on the basis of a fee payment, rather than actual medical need. The clinics, located in Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland, and Berkley, allegedly raked in millions of dollars which were then laundered and sent overseas. The chain’s owner was arrested on several charges, including money laundering, while the doctor was arrested for allegedly conspiring to operate a clinic without a license.

As the marijuana laws relax on both a state and federal level, individual’s involved in the legal marijuana trade may find themselves either unknowingly on the wrong side of the law or being accused of an illegal activity that is, in fact, legal. If these individuals, like the two discussed above, fail to put forth a competent legal defense, then they may be subjected to serious penalties, including prison and significant fines.

Creating a strong legal defense is not always easy. Many times it can be fraught with conflicting stories and seemingly contradictory legal precedent. However, by consulting with a legal professional, criminal defendants may find a way to convince a judge and/or jury that there is reasonable doubt as to their guilt.

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