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Battling aggressive prosecutors requires a strong defense

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2015 | Federal Crimes |

Our last post on the blog discussed bank robbery and its potential penalties. If you are facing robbery charges or other criminal allegations, then you might be in for a fight. Federal prosecutors are aggressive, and they often seek not only a conviction, but also the strictest penalties allowable under the law. As mentioned last week, for example, people can face 20 years or more if convicted, depending on the underlying circumstances of the case.

A lengthy prison sentence like this not only threatens to strip people of their freedom, but it can also have other significant, long-lasting impacts. People might find their reputation irreparably damaged, they may have trouble finding work and acquiring adequate housing and education might become difficult. In other words, if people are being charged with a federal crime like bank robbery, then they have got a lot to lose.

Though that might sound scary, and it is, people can take comfort in knowing that there are California attorneys out there that will do everything they can to protect them and their legal rights. In a bank robbery case, for example, an attorney may try to draw eyewitness accounts into question, raise doubt as to identifications made and show that the authorities improperly collected evidence. Though there is no guarantee that any of these strategies will fit a particular case, it gives people an idea of how an attorney may be able to help them develop a customized defense strategy.

The legal team at the Law Office of Thomas A. Johnson is dedicated to helping its clients when they find themselves amidst a federal investigation and charged with a serious crime. Though not always possible, we fight for our clients to avoid prison and retain as much of their normal life as possible. This type of aggressive defense is often what is needed when confronting federal prosecutors, and one that many have found beneficial.