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Three California men face healthcare fraud allegations

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2015 | White Collar Crimes |

Several weeks ago we discussed fraud as it relates to medical care and just how damaging it can be to an accused individual’s life. Now, three California men are facing this type of fraud allegation, which could land them in legal hot water if not handled correctly. Therefore, these men need a competent legal defense that will fight for their rights, freedom and their ability to avoid penalties.

According to reports, two chiropractors and a clinical psychologist have been arrested and charged with healthcare fraud and conspiracy. Few details have been released about the alleged crimes, but the fraud charge indicates that federal authorities believe that the accused individuals misled their clients, the government or insurers for financial gain. In the healthcare context, this most often means that the accused are alleged to have over charged individual patients, government programs like Medicaid or Medicare or a private insurer for services rendered or charged those individuals or entities for services that were not rendered at all.

Accusations of committing federal crimes like these can threaten an individual’s life. In this instance, the allegations and the potential for a subsequent conviction could mean the end of the accused individuals’ careers and their practices may be forced to close. Additionally, these men may be threatened with years behind bars and fines that could leave them financially crippled.

With so much at stake, it is imperative that those facing such allegations seek legal assistance. Only then can they find out what they are truly up against and how best to defend against it. Also, by connecting with an attorney, those facing allegations may put themselves in a position to beat the charges and get on with their everyday lives.

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