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Criminal defense may be able to address warrant issues

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2015 | Drug Trafficking |

Last week’s blog post discussed the limitations that are placed on search warrants when they are granted to law enforcement. This information is critical, as those who have been arrested and whose prosecution relies on evidence seized during that search may be able to use these limitation to bolster their defense. Doing so could allow an accused individual to avoid strict, life-altering penalties, and allow him or her to get back to his or her normal life with as little damage done as possible.

Though search warrant issues can arise in almost any kind of criminal case, they often arise in drug trafficking and other drug offense allegations. When drugs, paraphernalia, and other incriminating pieces of evidence are seized, an accused individual may feel that he or she is finished. But that is not always the case. If law enforcement goes beyond the bounds of a granted search warrant, or if a warrant is invalid, then that evidence may be suppressed. This means that it will not be admissible in court which, in turn, could make it very difficult for the prosecution to prove their case.

Challenging a search warrant may sound easy, but it is actually fraught with legal issues that require close analysis and precise application of statutory and case law. For this reason, it is often wise for accused individuals to discuss the matter with an experienced criminal defense attorney. At the Law Office of Thomas A Johnson, every client’s case is important, and our team of legal professionals will do everything in their power to try to find a flaw in the search warrant.

No attorney can offer a guarantee of any specific outcome with a defense strategy. Still, experienced legal teams know the ins and outs of the law, how to negotiate, and how to adequately and aggressively present our clients’ side of the story.