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Facing California white collar crime allegations? We can help.

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2015 | White Collar Crimes |

Our last blog post discussed California money laundering, including what it is and how those convicted of such a crime can be punished. Criminal offense like these, meaning those that involve some sort of illegal financial transaction or fraud related to a financial transaction, are often referred to as white collar crimes. These offenses, though perhaps, not as attention-grabbing as violent crimes, can still cause a lot of commotion and bring aggressive prosecutors into the fray.

People love their money, and when it goes missing, individuals, corporations and the government hunger for what they consider just. This means that many times those accused of these white collar crimes will be facing the potential for stiff penalties, and prosecutors may even seek the harshest penalties available under the law. Also, prosecutors may be hesitant to negotiate as they may want to try to make an example of the accused.

If you find yourself in this position, then you are likely feeling overwhelmed and, perhaps, hopeless. But, do not be discouraged. There may be very real legal defenses available to you. By acquiring the services of a skilled law firm, you may have a shot at resolving the matter through negotiations that could bring charges and penalties down significantly.

We know how to handle white collar crime cases with competence and aggression. We fight allegations of criminal wrongdoing with vigor, utilizing the law and the underlying facts of the case to ensure that our clients have the best defense possible under the circumstances. With so much on the line, those who are accused of a white collar crime should not hesitate to reach out to a legal professional who can assist them in what may end up being a fight for their future and their freedom.