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On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2015 | Drug Trafficking |

Our last blog post discussed how the government illegally tapped phones, which led to the arrests of many people. This is a serious matter, as illegally obtained evidence does not only affect the individuals in this particular case but many others throughout California as well. Some defendants facing federal drug charges may fail to realize that the law is full of rules. Not just ones that say individuals should not commit crimes, but also about how the criminal justice system must play out. Any violation of those rules could lead to a major turning point in a case for either the prosecution or the defense.

For example, a criminal charge may hinge on one particular piece of evidence. However, if that evidence was illegally obtained, then it may be deemed inadmissible, meaning that it cannot be used against the defendant in court. This could mean the difference between being convicted and spending years behind bars or obtaining an acquittal and going home that day.

Yet, when it comes to the rules of evidence, it is up to each party and their attorney to make objections. The judge will not object on your behalf. Therefore, you, or your attorney, need to know the law and how to use it to your advantage. This is extremely important to ensure that your legal rights, and perhaps your freedom, are adequately protected.

The Law Office of Thomas A Johnson has years of experience representing clients in federal drug offense cases, and our team’s knowledge, skill, and aggressiveness has proved beneficial. We know the law and how to use it to our clients’ advantage. We feel that our record speaks for itself and look forward to representing other Californians who may find themselves facing serious legal challenges.