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Consult with an attorney if charged with a federal offense

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2016 | Federal Crimes |

Imagine that you commit a criminal offense. Even if it may seem minor in nature in the grand scheme of thing (such as shoplifting a candy bar), it is still a criminal offense nonetheless. It could also be a serious crime (assault, drug crimes, white collar crimes), and as such, you would be facing serious penalties. In these situations, we are talking about local crimes that would be prosecuted by local authorities.

But if the crime or crimes that you commit reach the federal level, then the penalties and consequences associated with your offense become so severe that it could seriously impede your development and harm your future. Federal crimes are harshly prosecuted and the jail sentences and other penalties associated with federal crimes could make it very difficult for you going forward.

Having a criminal record means that getting a job is much more difficult. It also means that you may struggle to find a new place to live as landlords whittle down their options for new tenants. In addition, you lose the ability to perform certain tasks, such as the ability to vote. In other words, having a criminal record is just further punishment on top of the penalties you would have to deal with after committing a crime.

This is why anyone accused of a crime, and especially if the crime is federal in nature, needs to consult with an attorney to ensure their case is properly and thoroughly defended. If you live in Sacramento and have been accused of such crimes, then consult with the Law Office of Thomas A. Johnson.