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Husband and wife sentenced after being convicted of tax fraud

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2017 | Federal Crimes |

On Sept. 18, a 59-year-old California man who claimed he was a psychic was sentenced to six years in federal prison after he was convicted of filing fraudulent tax returns. His 51-year-old wife was also sentenced to two years in federal prison for tax fraud.

The two were convicted on multiple counts of tax fraud in April after they were accused of passing bogus checks and bonds. They had allegedly participated in what was being called a “redemption” scheme, where those attempting to avoid paying their taxes use fraudulent financial documents to collect a refund. As a result, the IRS issued a refund of more than $480,000 to the couple. After the funds were deposited into their bank account, the husband and wife attempted to conceal the money by withdrawing cash and opening a new bank account.

The husband was scheduled to be sentenced in June, though it appeared that he fled. He allegedly bragged about his fugitive status on his social media, his Youtube and his radio program. The couple was finally taken into custody on Aug. 21 at a Desert Hot Springs hotel while they were watching the solar eclipse.

Those who are facing convictions on federal crimes such as tax fraud could be sentenced to federal prison and be required to pay significant fines Depending on the evidence against the accused individuals, a federal criminal law attorney could mount a strong defense against the accusations after conducting a separate investigation into the allegations made by the federal prosecutors. For example, the attorney may challenge the prosecution’s ability to prove that the accused individuals knowingly and willfully violated the law.

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