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Federal cases aren’t a walk in the park for anyone

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Some people think of federal crimes as an easier type of criminal case than a state level case because they have an idea that federal prisons are more pleasant than others. This isn’t the case. All criminal cases should be treated as very serious matters.

One of the types of cases that is often heard on a federal level is for white collar crimes. These crimes include victims, but aren’t violent. This makes a very unpleasant situation for the inmates who are sent into the prison system because there is a chance that they might be housed with violent inmates.

Incarceration for white collar crimes

Many different white collar crimes can lead to time in the penitentiary. Insider trading, tax evasion and securities fraud are three of these possible crimes. Embezzlement and money laundering can also lead to time in prison. When you are facing these types of charges, you should remember that your defense can either focus on your being found not guilty or on minimizing the penalties that you are facing. It is imperative that you carefully consider how each of these might impact your future.

Security levels in federal prisons

There are five security levels in federal prisons. Many factors go into the decision about where to place an inmate. Two of the most common are the length of the sentence and the presence or lack of violence.

  • Super maximum security: Very violent criminals; terrorists
  • Maximum security: Violent criminals; high-risk inmates
  • Medium security: Some propensity of violence, problems, security risk
  • Low security: Nonviolent inmates
  • Minimum security: Less than 10 years remaining on sentence; nonviolent

Impact on family members

Often, prisoners will move around, which could include movements throughout the various levels of security. This can be hard on the family members who might have to travel across the country to see the incarcerated person. There is also the issue of having to financially support the person behind bars. This includes travel expenses, commissary money and funds for the inmate to make phone calls.

Lifelong consequences

Despite the length of your sentence for a white collar crime, you face lifelong consequences. If you were convicted of a felony, you will be labeled as a felon for the rest of your life. With any conviction, you will have a mark on your criminal record. This could affect your ability to find a job when you are released from prison. It might also make it hard for you to find housing if you don’t own your own home. Be sure to think about these points when you are working on your defense.