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Points to remember when preparing for federal prison

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2019 | Federal Crimes |

People who are facing federal charges will be anxious to know the outcomes of their cases. Some of these individuals might choose to enter into plea deals. Whether this is what is going on with your or if you are going through a trial, you should prepare yourself for entering into the federal prison system if that’s one of the possible sentences.

Getting ready to go into federal prison isn’t easy, but taking the time to review a few steps now can save you some stress and hassle in the future. Even if you think your defense is strong and that you won’t end up in prison, it is still better to think about what you can do to get ready in case you are convicted.

  • Plan for your children: You need to have someone who can care for your children while you are in prison. Making these plans well in advance of your report date can help you to feel less stress.
  • Set up a financial plan: If you have things like a house payment or rent that will be due while you are incarcerated, make plans to get those paid. People with lengthy incarcerations should reduce bills that will be due to the bare minimum so there is less to worry about. Additionally, figure out how you can have money added to your inmate account so you can buy things you need in prison.
  • Decide to stay out of trouble: Getting into trouble while you are behind bars can make your time unpleasant. Your goal should be staying out of trouble, so plan on being very low profile while you are there so that you aren’t pulled into situations that can lead to problems.
  • Take up a hobby: Some inmates have a hobby to keep them busy. Think about drawing, reading and writing since you will likely have options to do all of these activities while you are there.
  • Determine how you will communicate: Phone calls from prison to home can be costly. Before you go in, determine how you will communicate. Some inmates opt to make a phone call daily or write letters for a more comprehensive plan. Talk to your loved ones so you can determine what plan they feel will work.
  • Find out about programs: Many prisons offer special programs. Taking a look at the ones that are available throughout the entire prison system gives you an idea of what might be possible at the facility you go to after your conviction. These programs are a good way to keep yourself busy while you are there.

If you think there is a good chance you will be convicted of the crime, the goal of your defense strategy should be to minimize the penalties. This could help you since it might mean less time in the federal prison system.