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Federal crimes like identity fraud can come with steep penalties

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Federal Crimes |

Getting caught up in a difficult predicament could happen unexpectedly. It may come as a shock to some California residents to learn that they are under investigation for federal crimes, and they may understandably worry about what that could mean for their future. If a person learns that authorities suspect him or her of identity fraud, it may be a smart move to start considering legal options.

Identity fraud is covered by state and federal laws. In some cases, any resulting charges range from misdemeanors to felonies. The activities associated with identity fraud often include a person using another individual’s personal information for financial gain. In some cases, that could mean using a person’s credit card number to make online purchases, taking over a bank account for unauthorized transactions, using someone else’s information to obtain a credit card and more.

If a person is accused of misdemeanor criminal activity associated with identity fraud, he or she could face time in jail, fines or both. On a felony level, time in prison is likely if a conviction comes about. As a result, anyone accused of identity theft or fraudulent activities associated with such theft may want to understand the available defense options.

Federal crimes are taken seriously, and anyone accused of identity fraud or similar crimes may want to understand the federal laws and California state laws associated with this type of situation. Even if a person has not yet been formally charged, obtaining information may be wise. Knowing what to anticipate may allow individuals to better handle their cases.