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Woman facing embezzlement allegations after investigation

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2020 | Embezzlement |

Financial crimes are taken seriously by law enforcement, and if an investigation points to a person being suspected of committing such a crime, it could result in criminal charges. Allegations of embezzlement could come with severe consequences if a person is convicted. As a result, anyone under investigation or who has been charged may want to learn about their legal options as soon as possible.

One woman in California is facing such a scenario after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the woman worked as an office manager for a theater company and started that position in 2016. Earlier this year, another employee reported theft of funds, and an investigation into possible embezzlement began. During the investigation, the woman became a suspect, and authorities believe that she embezzled funds from June 2016 until Feb. 2020.

She allegedly wrote checks in her name, which she purportedly deposited into a personal bank account. Investigators also suspect that she used company funds and company credit cards for her personal expenses. In total, it is believed that $130,000 was embezzled from the theater company, and the woman is currently facing multiple charges, including grand theft, forgery and more.

Embezzlement charges can greatly affect a person’s life, and this California woman will undoubtedly want to do her best to address her case effectively. Gaining information on the exact charges brought against her and her available defense options may allow her to decide how to approach this ordeal. It may certainly seem overwhelming, but she may want to remember that she does have legal rights and options.