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Facing accusations of money laundering

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | White Collar Crimes |

White collar crime comes in many different forms, but the intent behind all of them is financial gain or access to information that will eventually lead to financial gain. These criminal offenses may not seem as severe as other types of crimes as they lack an element of violence, but they come with the potential for serious, life-altering penalties. If you are facing a criminal charge involving any type of white collar crime, you will benefit from taking your case seriously.

Money laundering is a common type of white collar crime. It involves the process of “cleaning” illegally obtained money so that one can use those funds without detection. Funds secured from any type of criminal activity are illegally gained, and those who intentionally hide their origins are committing a federal offense. The federal government takes these offenses seriously, and they prosecute these crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

What happens during the money laundering process?

Both individuals and organizations may launder money, and the complexity of the operation depends on the amount of money involved, where the money comes from and other details specific to the individual situation. However, money laundering typically involves the following three steps:

  • The placement of dirty money into a legitimate financial system
  • The concealment of the source of the money by layering it through multiple legitimate financial transactions
  • The integration of the laundered money into a legitimate account so it can be used as wanted

Money laundering can take different forms. For example, it can occur by investing in gold and other commodities that can be moved around easily. It can also occur through investing in and reselling real estate, cars or boats. With the widespread use of the internet and easily accessible technology, virtual money laundering has become a more pressing concern for law enforcement and government agencies.

Your defense options

Money laundering is a complex crime, and these cases are often difficult to investigate and prosecute. If you are under investigation by California or federal authorities for this type of white collar offense, or you are already facing charges, it is in your interests to learn about the defense options available to you. A carefully prepared defense strategy will allow you to effectively confront the charges you are facing and pursue the best possible outcome to your case.